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b2C International exists to create maximum profit for mass appeal products. We're experienced specialists in full-service DRM [Direct Response Marketing].

Using a proven methodology of response focused advertising on TV and the internet, we create powerful sales motivation to sell directly off-screen or online. Additional sales and up-selling is created by telemarketing. We undertake cross country creative adaptation to maximise sales across the EU countries and consult on EU legal compliance.

Our differentiation from conventional media buying agencies is that, other than creating the marketing and sales for the product, we create and manage the full back-end infrastructure… from establishing the telemarketing and fulfillment, stock forecasting, shipping and import through to banking / payment processes, and full financial reporting. We can also handle the distribution of the product for delivery directly to the consumer. European-wide creative clearance and adaption is also a core part of our service. Marketing and distribution is across all mediums and also includes, for some categories, retail distribution.

We operate in UK and Ireland and have experienced partners in all major European markets. As an additional service, clients offering products from beyond Europe, are able to use our company framework for an initial test without the time and expense needed to establish a company in Europe.

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